The world’s first single hand operated eyewash. eyeaid is quick and handy. Within seconds it offers the injured person effective, sterile and precise rinsing of the eye.

eyeaid comes in three different versions:

Wall station

The eyeaid wall station gives easy access to fast and effective help, when an accident occurs. The unit contains 30 minutes of rinsing fluid - enough to help treat even the most severe damages caused by chemicals. 

This unit should be placed at any workplace, where there is a risk of eye accidents. Always place it within a close distance to the users. The eyeaid wall units is an ideal first aid equipment for factories, laboratories, hospitals, chemical plants, workshops, kitchens, the cleaning or off-shore industry and students handling chemicals at their school etc.

portable unit

The eyeaid portable unit is right at your hand, when you need access to fast and effective help in a matter of 1-2 seconds.

The small 100 ml. unit contains approx. 6 minutes of rinsing fluid - enough rinsing time to get you from the scene of the accident to the nearest eye wash station or local emergency room.

eyeaid is a great and handy help if you work or surround yourself with dangerous chemicals in your daily work life.


Poly Box

The eyeaid poly box is made for people, who work in different workplaces during the day, f.ex builders, craftsmen or people in the service industry. The unit is both dust and shockproof and can be mounted to any surface with the use of velcro or strong magnet tape.

As an option the unit is delivered with a heating element for 12, 24 or 230 volt, making sure the rinsing fluid is kept free of frost. This makes the Poly Box ideal for cold stock warehouses and outdoor facilities or any other rough environment.